First off, I want to thank everybody that came along for the ride these last three years. I had no idea what I was in for when I started The Mick Betancourt Show podcast. Pretty soon, people from all over the world were reaching out, responding to the hustle theme of the show. It was a tough decision to let it go but I wanted to explain why I did.

1) It was getting harder and harder to book guests, partially because of my demanding work and family schedule and also because of the same for the guests. A podcast has to have a schedule or people move on. I didn’t want to lose you because the distribution was sketchy. I could have booked other guests, but I also wanted to keep the level of quality high and most importantly as well as the message.

2) It had run its course. It felt like the show had, like all great stories, a beginning, a middle and an end.

So I am letting go…

Letting go of this podcast, stand up comedy and a few other things that I hope will prove to be building blocks to bigger and better things. Not financially, but creatively and emotionally.

I am letting stand up go after a twenty year battle with it. To be honest, the only thing I really loved about it was being on stage and making people laugh, which tragically is only an hour of the entire stand up experience. I only like a handful of comedians, the business side of it is abysmal which motivated me to get quiet and make a pros and cons list. By doing do, I realized what I love to do was never really stand up to begin with. To be even more honest, I don’t know if I have ever given myself enough time to truly understand what I love and what I want to do or most importantly – what I can drive to my own personal best.

In any given year I was performing stand up one to four times a week, working full time in a dramatic writers room 50-60 hours a week, developing 1-4 shows, working on a book, recording a podcast, booking my own stand up room as well as being married with two kids and managing my own sobriety as well as sponsoring 6-8 men.

None of those things have the potential to be my personal best with that kind of schedule.

So now you know why I am letting go…

I am letting go to find my personal best.

What does it look like, what does it feel like?

I got quiet and had to look at the things that both challenged me and brought me consistent joy. If something continued to bring me anxiety or depression, I made the decision to let it go. If there was something that I could not improve on, could not drive to my personal best,  I had to let it go.

It is not gone forever, it has been let go of so that I can excel, achieve and experience my personal best.

My schedule became an unconscious excuse for mediocrity hidden in the shadows of my success.

But I knew the truth.

I could do better.

What will challenge me? What terrifies me to really try and fail at? What can I be the most service to?

And most importantly – why am I doing it?

To look cool? For the money? For the power?

None of those work. They are all dead ends.

So now I get quiet….

As well as make you a promise…

I am going to give you my best.

I am close to figuring out at what, but I remain steadfastly patient, hustling and grinding toward the answer, refusing to cower when it arrives, but rather open my heart, mind and hustle muscle and get to work.

I am letting go…

taking that giant leap once again

and hoping you will walk beside me once again when I return

for I promise it will all be worth it.

Much Love, Mick