Hey Everybody,

It was a very difficult decision to set the podcast down (for now.) My life had gotten very busy.

I started at 6am and went to midnight every day, usually seven days a week. All of my relationships were suffering and so was my work. Here is just a snapshot of the creative and personal things I was involved in 2016:

Stand Up two to five times a week

Writing and producing a one hour drama (wrote one and a half episodes.)

Developed two other shows

Finished a book

Recorded an episode of The Mick Betancourt Show every week

One “Anonymous keep the booze out of my mouth meeting” a day

Sponsoring 8-10 men in that same program

Being a husband

Raising two kids

None of that included any time to relax, reflect or grow.

A lot of good things were going on but good is the enemy of great.

I want to experience great.

So I got quiet and asked myself why I was doing what I was going?

I questioned – Every. Single. Action.

If something consistently gave me anxiety or worry, I didn’t ask myself why, I asked myself WHY I was even involved in the action.

The podcast was the hardest thing to set down.  I dedicated over three years of my life, for fun and for free, to preaching the gospel of hustle, love and passion. But I was having a hard time getting the caliber of guests I wanted so I set it down. I know it will be back some day, sooner than later.

After Shots Fired wrapped (premiering March 2017) I knew there was only one thing I wanted to do and do not just well but great – finish the book.

Which I did and I am happy with the first draft. It is in my agent’s hands and I am currently awaiting notes which I will get on Friday. I am committed to making it GREAT!

My whole life was having a zillion plates spinning and now I am trying something different. One thing at a time, with my full attention and focus, and most important – my full faith.

I have faith in myself and what I am doing, one thing at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I never take your time for granted and now you know that everything I will be offering from here on out will be my personal best. Not to say that the podcast, my live shows or TV shows before were not, I am just trying to raise my personal game up and am truly excited for what’s coming next. I hope you are too.

See ya soon,