Episode 154

Ritch Shydner

Mon Aug 08, 2016
Ritch Shydner talks about his long career in comedy, his upcoming book and how the definition of manhood has changed through the year. Incredible episode!

Episode 152

Ami Canaan Mann

Mon Jul 18, 2016
Ami Canaan Mann talks about her journey from Indiana to becoming a successful director and writer as well as the centuries old beef between Violaists and Violinists. Amazing episode!

Episode 151

Emily Eaglin

Mon Jul 11, 2016
Emily Eaglin talks about the crisis gripping America now and or the last 397 years as well as her journey to become a successful director, actress and producer.

Episode 150

Chris Bythewood

Fri Jul 08, 2016
Chris Bythewood talks about the hard work and he put in to finally get his first TV writing credit. A great listen for anybody on the beginning of their journey as a writer or on any adventure! Great episode!

Episode 149

Jason King

Mon Jun 27, 2016
Jason King talks about leaving a well paying job as a location manager to invest in himself and pursue his dream of being a professional comedian.

Episode 148

Denitria Harris-Lawrence

Mon Jun 20, 2016
Dee shares her amazing journey through a twenty-year career in the writing game! All hustle, passion and heart!

Episode 147

Mike Weiss

Mon Jun 13, 2016
Mike Weiss talks Philly, Rocky, Mentors and breaking things into digestible chunks!

Episode 146

Annie Edmonds

Mon Jun 06, 2016
A honest talk about photography, femininity, sexuality, motherhood, starting out, finding your passion and everything it takes to go after it no matter what life throws at you. A really amazing episode!

Episode 145

Aha aka Cyborg Ant aka Allegria

Mon May 16, 2016
Aha aka Cyborg Ant aka Allegria talks about his unique family structure growing up, navigating the Florida school systems, being an aspiring Youth Pastor, finding "The Spirit", having it fade away and discovering it again with all new meaning. Amazing episode

Episode 144

Episode #1 of The Riff with Mick Betancourt and John Roy

Mon May 09, 2016
In the Hustle spirit of #TIFAH, I am sharing my latest hustle, episode #1 of The Riff with myself and John Roy. Two comics surprising each other with topics to riff on.

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