Episode 62

Byron Bowers

Mon Aug 11, 2014
Byron talks about growing up around Atlanta, moving alot and the toll it took as well as one of the funniest drug stories I've ever heard!

Episode 61

Anonymous Soldier

Mon Aug 04, 2014
An Anonymous Soldier talks about his rise through ranks of the Army, what basic training was like and how he prepares for combat and leading troops into battle. One of my favorite episodes so far!

Episode 60

Laura House

Mon Jul 28, 2014
Awesome episode this week with Laura House @imlaurahouse - we talk about relationships, The Gaza Strip, Coldstone Creamery, we sing Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" and talk about Mother Theresa's Ghost Boner. (I'm going to hell for this one) Hope you enjoy it!

Episode 59

Gareth Reynolds

Mon Jul 21, 2014
Sketch Comic / Writer / Podcaster Gareth Reynolds talks Bears / Packers, growing up in Milwaukee and making the move to LA. Also about hitting that LA low and how he pushed through it and all the great stuff that's happening for him now!

Episode 58

Anonymous Son

Tue Jul 15, 2014
An anonymous son comes talks about his father being gay, how he's the only one in the family his father told and how he wishes his father could live openly without any secrets or shame. This is the first in an anonymous series on #TMBS where people will come on speak through their heart, not through their name.

Episode 57

John Roy #2

John Roy makes his 2nd appearance, as we talk about why drinking and Chicago Comedy seem to go hand in hand. We also get into how your stand up material changes as you grow up and become confident to be yourself on stage and off.

Episode 56

Susanna Lee

Mon Jun 30, 2014
Susanne Lee AKA Lucky Deluxe makes her second amazingly honest appearance on the show. We talk about sex clubs, smurf dildos, scratching shit off your bucket lists and the addictive power of shame.

Episode 55

Joe Schilling

Mon Jun 23, 2014
Global Kickboxing Champion Joe "Stitch 'Em Up" Schilling talks about being a delinquent kid, finding kickboxing and doing what it took to become a champion, and going beyond that, what it takes now in the present to be a better man!

Episode 54

Claude Shires

Mon Jun 16, 2014
Claude Shires -@claudeshires - stops by TIFAH and talks about growing up with a high profile doctor father who created Gatorade, his time in the Marines, being a stand up comedian and how he co-founded one of the most exciting crowdfunding sites on the internet - TubeStart.com.
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Episode 53

Rick Gallavan

Mon Jun 09, 2014
Vietnam Vet and writer Rick Gallavan hangs out at TIFAH and talks about manhood. What it meant to be a man before he fought in Vietnam and what it means to him now that the war is long over. This is one of my favorite episodes. I hope you enjoy it!

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