Episode 123

Lachlan Patterson

Mon Nov 23, 2015
Lachlan Patterson talks fear, hustle, motivation, nuance of comedy and Lutherans. We also get the mail live on air.

Episode 121

Dugg Kirkpatrick

Mon Nov 09, 2015
Dugg Kirkpatrick shares his journey from Lubbock, Texas to one of the most in demand Hair Stylists in Hollywood!

Episode 120

Jenina Kibuka

Mon Nov 02, 2015
Jenina Kibuka offers an insider look into the world of Hollywood assistants as well as being an aspiring writer/producer. We also talk pie and Beyonce.

Episode 119

Jackie Kashian

Mon Oct 26, 2015
Jackie Kashian and I talk ambition, passion, cake vs pie. She also becomes the 3rd person inducted into the #TIFAH Hall of Fame!

Episode 118

Paul Gilmartin

Mon Oct 19, 2015
Paul Gilmartin and I talk manhood, drinking, the definition of success, overcoming negativity and his hit Hip Hop single Booty Temple.

Episode 117

Denny Seiwell

Mon Oct 12, 2015
Paul McCartney and Wings drummer Denny Seiwell talks about what it takes to be a musician, the ups and downs of a creative life and finding peace with himself.

Episode 116

Torrey Drake

Mon Oct 05, 2015
Super Trainer, Actor and Entrepreneur Torrey Drake suits up at TIFAH to talk about hustling, hard work and passion. LOVE THIS EPISODE!

Episode 115

Nick Santora #4

Mon Sep 21, 2015
Nick Santora, creator of the hit CBS show Scorpion makes a historic 4th appearance on #TMBS with 4 times the amount to farts and nonsense of the first 3 appearances.

Episode 114

Ashley Esqueda

Mon Sep 14, 2015
Ashley Esqueda is a Senior Editor at CNET TV, currently hosting the new show Tomorrow Daily. She is comprised largely of ham and cheese, and there's nowhere she won't go to get a laugh (especially at her own expense). In her spare time, she greatly enjoys karaoke, feeding her Diablo 3 addiction, and hanging out with her husband, Jimi.

Episode 113

Rantz Hoseley

Mon Sep 07, 2015
Eisner & Harvey winner. Recovering Mystery Hollywood account. Slinger of weaponized ink. Co-writer ILL WIND for Fox, INK & BLOOD (TV) You can check out his website here - rantzhoseley.com

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