Episode 112

Ryan Sickler

Mon Aug 31, 2015
Ryan Sickler, Co-Host of The Crabfeast Podcast as well as a comedian/writer/producer, stops by TIFAH to talk about the podcast game as well as raising kids. This is his second appearance and it's amazing!

Episode 111

Roy Wood Jr

Mon Aug 24, 2015
Roy Wood Jr (Comedian/Writer/Actor) gives the most honest portrayal I have ever heard of the hustle it takes to become a professional comedian. So grateful that it was on this podcast!

Episode 110

Phonz Williams

Mon Aug 17, 2015
Writer/Producer/Director Phonz Williams talks about being a man, hustling, Detroit and the myths of manhood that take guys out. I LOVE THIS EPISODE.

Episode 109

Owen Smith

Mon Aug 10, 2015
Comedian/Actor/Writer/Producer Owen Smith talks about growing up in Maryland, the actions he takes to stay on top of his showbiz game as well as the actions he took to be a better partner to his wife

Episode 108

Jack Lafleur

Mon Aug 03, 2015
DJ and Super Promoter Jack Lafleur (co-founder of the mega Day Club party Rehab at Hard Rock casino in Vegas) talks about his journey from Boston to Vegas, creating some of the best nightclub events in the world and the next stage of his journey to Hollywood.

Episode 107

Miles Orion Feld

Mon Jul 27, 2015
Miles Feld is from the coastal California town of Bolinas; an ex-hippy commune turned surfer/meth- addict paradise. He was born to a Duke University, pre-med from Durham, NC and a coke smuggler/painter from Chicago. At the age of twelve while traveling through the Amazon jungle together, Miles and his father took hallucinogenic drugs with a Shaman and went on a vision quest. Miles believes those Shamanic dreams were his Bar Mitzvah... His grandfather does not.
Miles was the only one of his friends to go to college, landing at New York University in September 2001. Graduating top of his class from NYU’s Playwrights Horizon Theater School, Miles received the Robert Moss Award for Excellence in Directing with a body of work that included plays by Sam Shepard, Edward Albee and Stephen Adly Guirgis. After college, Miles lived in Bangkok where he worked in theater, writing and directing plays. Upon returning to the states, Miles moved to Los Angeles and wrote several short films, such as Trunk, Broken Face, and Under-Tow** which were all produced and went on to the festival scene... except for Broken Face, which to this day, is sitting on a really annoying girl’s computer. Miles did not have a lawyer back then...
Miles began working as an assistant to showrunner, Kathleen McGhee-Anderson on the ABC Family series LINCOLN HEIGHTS. Kathleen considered Miles a protégé and mentored him in all aspects of production where he excelled and took an active role within many aspects the show. Miles also excelled on days where the writers needed cocktails, drawing on his real life experience as a bartender.
During the 2013-2014 development season, Miles wrote THE NOISE for The CW, CBS Television Studios, and The Tannenbaum Co. based on the formation of the rap-rock group Limp Bizkit. Most recently, Miles developed a pilot for CBS Television Studios and The CW called WICKED GAMES.
Miles resides in Los Angeles and is married to writer/actress Diarra Kilpatrick.

Episode 106

Anthony Valadez

Mon Jul 20, 2015
DJ Anthony Valadez talks about growing up in Cali, finding music and DJing and the wisdom that comes with growing up.

Episode 105

Joey Feldman

Mon Jul 06, 2015
Mixed-media artist Joey Feldman works in Los Angeles, California. Feldman’s works are figurative with a frenetic, cartoonish style at their core. With line art applied to its fullest extent, Feldman’s initial, fast-sketched lines play a role in the final piece. Then, with paint and ink splatters, Feldman finishes each with a visceral urgency that captivates upon first glance. An only child who kept mostly to himself, Feldman first fell in love with art and illustrations through comic books and with Marvel pages he first taught himself to draw by tracing panels. Known for his constant sketching in grade school, Feldman would receive a special award at his grade school graduation entitled “Classroom Cartoonist,” which was created specifically to commend his budding talents as an artist. Feldman’s first professional assignment came in 1994 when commissioned to draw a portrait of O.J. Simpson upon the verdict of O.J.’s infamous trial. Since then Feld man has provided art work for advertising agencies, design firms, motion pictures, beverage companies, record labels and magazines. Including a not so flattering illustration of noted rapper Eminem for xxl magazine which sparked the biggest feud in xxl history. The illustration itself earned a shout out from the artist himself on the Marshall Mather’s lp. As well private collectors such as Jere Burns (actor, Justified, Bates Motel); Kaley Cuoco (actor, Big Bang Theory); Steve Jones (musician, Sex Pistols); Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike, True Blood) and Tony Denison (major crimes) among many others, feature Feldman’s singular work in their collections

Episode 104

Chris Fields

Mon Jun 29, 2015
Chris Fields is a Los Angeles-based director, teacher, actor and artistic director of Echo Theater. Most recently, he produced and directed the World Premiere of Tommy Smith's FIREMEN for The Echo as well as winning the LA Weekly Award for best Comedy Direction for his production of Gary Lennon's A FAMILY THING.

Episode 103

Anonymous Young Man

Mon Jun 22, 2015
An Anonymous Young Man shares about growing up in a volatile house with a mom who worked three jobs, falling into drugs and defiance, dropping out of high school only to go to community college, pass the GED and graduate from DePaul on the Deans list and go back and teach at the school he dropped out from! Now he's dedicated his life to teaching and coaching kids. Amazing episode!

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